PRM-7000 Geiger Counter

Handheld Beta, Gamma, X-Ray Geiger Counter and Nuclear Radiation Monitor
PRM-7000 Geiger counter provides essential, professional-grade nuclear preparedness and radiation measurement during nuclear accidents, incidents or emergencies.

The instrument is designed to similar specifications as devices used by firefighters, HAZMAT teams, paramedics and other first responders to address the radiation hazards they face. If your application is nuclear preparedness, the PRM-7000 is a compelling option.

Made in USA
With great battery life and, USA made Geiger tube and all finished in USA makes it great instrument for both durability and long service life.

Run time
The equipment is designed to use 24/7. Means it can collect data 7 days a week and fully 24 hours.

Battery life
PRM-7000 has great battery life of 3 years with the built in battery (9V alkaline). If longer battery life is required, the Lithium-ion battery can be installed which may provide battery life of up to 6 years.

High Capacity Memory
With over 100K bytes of internal data logging memory included, this Geiger counter can autonomously (without the need for a PC) store up to 91,466 minutes or hours of time-stamped measurements. These measurements can then be uploaded later to a PC in CSV format for analysis.